giovedì 31 gennaio 2008

Testo della canzone : Grau, Grau, Grau

GRAU, GRAU, GRAU"Io sto con gli ippopotami"
Watch out Mr. Lion don't bite me.
Shout down, if you wanna go free.
I'll hear when you call and I answer you all:
Grau Grau Grau.
Some people are'nt nice to lions.
Some people are'nt nice to hippos.
We better think twice let's try it be nice.
Grau Grau Grau
Man is wild and lions are wild,
that's what most people say.
But I have seen that malice king
and lions just like to play.
And I'm not drunk, it's not the sun,
that makes me feel this way.
But lions are mart and minor wild
and children just like to play.
So please Mr. Man don't shoot me.
Don't catch me, don't take me away.
It's here where I live, let's forget and forgive.
Grau Grau Grau

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